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Moon Sighted in the Polynesian Islands

This is the picture of the crescent of Ramadan sighted in the Polynesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, on Monday, July 8th at 6:08 PM, local time. As we share the night with these islands, it was proper for Muslims living in North America to fast on Tuesday, July 9th. Historically, whenever the moon sighting report had arrived before Fajr, i.e. Suhoor time, the Muslim communities had been required to observe fasting on that day. Sacred time of Ramadan starts with the arrival of the new moon. The knowledge of the beginning of the month of Ramadan obligates fasting of Ramadan.

Every Soul is Entitled to a Dignified Burial

Every soul deserves a dignified burial...

We Confirm: Ramadan will Begin on July 9, 2013

There is a real possibility that on Monday, July 8

Prohibition of Dead Body's Transportation

The Prophet (SAW) never moved a dead body from one location to another...

The Paradox of Muhammad (SAW): Roots of Prophetic Hate and Love in the West


In the West, several views have existed concerning the person and mission of Rasulullah (SAW). He seems to be the most hated as well as respected figure in the West.

Loving God, Whose Way is Peace

In Islam God, Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate, stands alone: transcendent and majestic. The faith is marked by a strict and uncompromising ethical monotheism which requires its followers to translate into action the divine attributes of mercy, compassion, charity, love and peace in an effort to establish a balanced, just and peaceful human society.

Eid al-Fitr on a Friday

This year Eid al-Fitr may fall on a Friday in some Muslim countries...

The Most Sacred Days of the Year


The Hijri year 1438 is coming to an end...

Calling Jesus God is Heresy: Karen Armstrong

The famous English author Karen Armstrong, while discussing IIIT’s recent publication “The Concept of God in the Judaic, Christian and Islamic Traditions”, remarked that calling Jesus God is heresy. She noticed that the early Greeks tried their best to make a sense of the ineffable God by reflecting upon multiple aspects of His existence. The Trinitarian understanding of God was just one interpretation among many of the divine majesty, not meant to cause division of persons in the godhead but to make the transcendent God more imminent and accessible to humanity.

President James Madison's Muslim Friend

George Bethune English, a friend of the Secretary of State and then President James Madison, was a Muslim...


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